Vitamin B17 Professional with 50% Amygdalin Apricot Kernels Seeds
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Vitamin B17 Pro950 -20:1 50% Amygdalin (494mgs Per Cap)
Known as Amygdalin / Laetrile / Apricot Seed Extract


B17 Professional Pro950 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin contains 100 Vegetarian Capsules 950+mg Each. Each capsule contains 475+mg of Pure 99.99% Amygdalin (Pure White) and 475+mg of Pure Organic Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernel / Seed Extract with it's natural Amygdalin content of 4% (19mgs Per Capsule). All our bitter Apricot Kernel Extracts are purified by it least 20:1 instead of the normal 1:1 provided by non-professionals. B17 Professional provides both the Purest Amygdalin mixed with the Purest Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract available in the world.

B17 Pro950 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin :

50% Pure 99.99% Amygdalin (475+mg)
50% Pure Organic Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract (475+mg with 19mgs Amygdalin)

100% Vegetarian

100% Organic

100% Cold Processed

100% Extract From Natural Organic Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernels (Seeds)

0% Chemicals, Additives, Preservatives, Heat, Radiation, GMO, Fillers, Residues, Gel

Vitamin B17 Professional Pro950 20:1 50% Amygdalin 50% Hunza Apr

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