Cleopatra's Viral Pack "B" 1 Month Supply
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Cleopatra's Health Inc introudces The New Viral Pack "B" which is designed to last a user 1 Month. Viral Pack "B" contains a few more products than Viral Pack "A" and is only optional for a faster chance of attacking the issue :

A) 2 Colloidal Silver Professionals with measuring scoops - Each bottle contains 8oz (236ml) of Real Colloidal Silver 20ppm made professionally and converted properly.

B) 1 Medella 2 Professional : Medella 2 Professional is Medella 64:1 in capsule form, however per jar Medella 2 supplies a customer with much much more Medella than the traditional 2oz or 4oz bottles. Each bottle contains 170,000mg or 170grams of Humic Acid Professional compared to a 4oz bottle of Medella 1 which would contain 113.396 grams. Each bottle of Medella 2 will last a user 1 month if taking at full dose. Full dose (1 jar per month) is equal to taking a 4oz traditional Medella 1 for almost 2.5 months.

C) 1 Inhibitor : Cleopatra's Health Inc introduces THE INHIBITOR. The Inhibitor includes 200 800mg Capsules containing four ingredients with 0% fillers, 0%preservatives, or 0% Additves, simply 4 Pure ingredients.

Ingredients :

Phyllanthus Urinaria 10:1 (10 times more powerful than any found in the world !) -250mg

Hyssop 4:1 (4 times more powerful than any found in the world !) - 250mg

Undaria Pinnatfida 30% (Purest and Strongest found in the world !) - 150mg

Licorice Root 10:1 (10 times more powerful than any found in the world ! ) - 150mg

D) 1 Sicarius Professional : Cleopatra's Sicarius Professional is a Potent Supplement containing 4 potent ingredients. Each bottle contains 120 Capsules each containing 800mg of 100% Pure and Organic ingredients. Sicarius Professional contains No (0%) Fillers, Preservatives, or additives.

Sicarius Contains : Hypericin 0.6% (twice the strength as any other in the market), Oleuropein 40% (twice as powerful as any in the market) , Prunella Vulgaris 5:1 (5 times more powerful than any other in the market) , and Potent Garlic 100:1 (100 times more powerful than any other garlic supplement sold today.

E) 1 Monolaurin Professional - Cleopatra's Monolaurin Professional is the absolute best form of Monolaurin on the market today. This bottle contains 200- 600mg Capsules. Cleopatra's Monolaurin is Organic and made with 0% Fillers, Preservatives, or Additives. Cleopatra's Monolaurin is much more effiecient than Lauric Acid or Coconut Oil. Cleopatra's Monolaurin is made with the highest purity, and has no comparison compared to Inferior brands. 9 Capsules are equal to taking 1 pound of Virgin Coconut Oil.

F) 1 Silver Gel Professional - made of the Real Ionic Silver Professional 20ppm with no added water to dilute the gel. Each Gel contains 4oz.

G) 1 Interfector Professional. Interfector Professional contains 200 Capsules each capsule containing 250mg each.

H) 1 Graviola Professional - Cleopatra's Organic Graviola (Soursop) 20:1 is the world's most potent and pure Graviola (Soursop) available today! Each bottle of Cleopatra's Organic Graviola 20:1 contains 120 Capsules each containing 600mg of 100% Pure Organic Graviola 20:1. 

I) 1 Moringa - Cleopatra's Immune Boost Moringa is formulated to give your body the highest amount of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Anti-Oxidants, and Protein available for perfect health and a boosting Immune System to combat lifes problems. Each bottle contains 250 - 800mg capsules giving you Much More than any other competitor could possibley offer. Cleopatra's Moringa is 100% Organic, 100% Pure, 100% Natural with 0% Preservatives, 0% Fillers, and 0% Additives. Cleopatra's Moringa is the Super Food of all Super Foods and is proven to prevent over 300 disease's and combat many more.

J) 1 Abyss ( Diatomaceous Earth) - Absorbs Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites, as well as "cut's up" larger parasits. Abyss cleans the colon by scrubbing the colon walls, and also cleans the liver. Abyss will also leave trace amounts of silica in the body as an added benefit.

Viral Pack "B" supplies a user everything they could possibly need to attack a Virus at full strength.

Viral Pack "B" 1 Month Supply

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