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Cleopatra's Health Introduces Medella2 Professional. Medella 2 Professional is a Clean, Pure, and Concentrated (64:1) pure (99%) humic acid in capsule form. Each jar of Medella 2 Professional contains 200 - 850mg capsules. Full dose lasts 1 jar per month.

Never before has Humic Acid been available in such a pure/concentrated form as Medella2 Professional.

Cleopatra's Medella has been extracted Organically and Reanimated naturally in water which contains no chemicals, or acid precipitation, or lead or any other harmful ingredients......Now for the first time ever we have a Pure and Organic form of Humic Acid made for the use of Human Beings. Not only is Medella Pure of all contaminets but it is also highly concentrated!!!! Medella 2 Professional is also made of the Highest Form of Humic Acid available at an amazing 99% Humic Acid unlike all other Humic Acids sold today which are so "unpure", full of contaminents like lead, not concentrated or concentrated on a little - basically most humic acids sold in the market today are fertilizer in a capsule.

**So what is Medella Professional? : We'll simply it's Pure Organic Concentrated Humic Acid at it's best with no heavy metals and contaminets!

What is Humic Acid? : Humic Acid is a soil that is very Complex, long chain molecules, varying in molecular weight. Humic Substances are the most abundant source of non-living organic material found in nature.

In Modern times China has taken the lead in studying this amazing substance, and hundreds of papers have been published from medical schools and hospitals. Indian medicine has used humic acid in products called shilajit, which would practically be the same thing as American Humic Acid in capsule form. Which we all know is so weak, there is really no point taking it at all.

Now most of the World does not know about this amazing discovery however Humic Acid in itself is AMAZING.

Scientists didn't know it existed, couldn't detect it, and when they did finally identify it, it was so complex that they couldn't understand it.

Now Scientists and Pharmaceutical companies for years have been trying to make a synthetic version of Humic Acid to get a Patented Drug, however Mother Nature has created Humic Acid so complex they have been unable to do's simply to complex to recreate!

It has been stated that an estimated 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are tiny, isolated synthetic fractions of this Whole and Complete "missing link" from nature!

The Breakthrough discovery has been the topic of many medical schools, hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The Earth's very own Ancient and Rich soil deposits known as Humus, are organic remains of plants and vegetation after millions of years. Further decomposition of these remains which are rare and unusual are called Humic Acid which can only be found in a few parts of the World.

So Medella (concentrated humic acid) is basically the the most powerful free-radical scavenger and natural anti-oxidant known to man. We will explain how Medella can help you on broad ailment pages. Humates cause the immune system to recognize its own dead cells thereby reducing infection.

Medella (humic acid) has been known to show high anti-viral properties. Pure Humic Acids can even travel to a dormant state of a virus and kill it where no other substance could even dream of. Pure Humic Acids also can bring other supplements or medicines taken with it through a cell wall allowing them to be absorbed two-fold.

Medella is also a very strong Chelator which removes lead, mercury, and heavy metals, as well as other unwanted organisms from the body. Medella Detoxes the body in a powerful but "humane" way unlike many other Detoxing systems or supplements which can cause a person to be sick or very low on energy.

Humic Acid also has anti-microbial properties however Humic seems to stimulate the "good" microbes in the body and destroy the "bad" microbes in the body.

Medella Professional (humic acid at it's best) has been known to combat many disease's such as Viruses that include HIV, Aids, Herpes, etc, as Well as Bacterial disease's, Cancers, and the list goes on and on.... meanwhile at the same time as attacking these disease's the person can have energy and feel well.




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