Silver Gel Professional
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Silver Gel Professional

Cleopatra's Silver Professional Gel is made from 100% Pure Ionic Silver Professional 20PPM with no added water, fillers, preservatives, or additives.

Silver Professional Gel is made of :

100% Pure Ionic Silver 20PPM
Food Grade TEA Carbomer

Contains NO ALCOHOL - Non Greasy and Non Sticky

It is the purest and cleanest Silver Gel available today. Most Silver Gel's in the market today use additives mixed with Carbomer and water. Then the last ingredient is the silver solution which in most cases 1-3 tablespoons of silver solution is added per tube, or jar however most of the tube or jar was simply water.

Each 4oz jar of Cleopatra's Silver Gel Professional is filled with Pure Ionic Silver Solution and formed with food grade TEA Carbomer to form the Gel supplying the user with the purest, strongest, and cleanest Silver Gel available today. Simply Just 4oz of Silver Professional 20PPM and Food Grade TEA Carbomer.

Cleopatra's Silver Gel Professional is made in the U.S.A.

Silver Gel can be used on the Interior and Exterior of a person's body. Silver Gel Professional is so pure it can be used in any orifice of the body including genitals areas (exterior and interior), ears, eyes, nose, etc.

Cleopatra's Silver Gel Professional is an Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Yeast, Anti Parasitic, Anti Microbial, Anti Acne Gel.

Silver Gel Professional is also excellent for Wound Care, that promotes rapid healing without scarring. Softens and Rejuvenates the skin moments after application. Absorbed into skin within 2 minutes of applying.

**Cleopatra's Silver Gel Professional is safe for use for everyone, including children, infants, seniors and pets.**

Non-Stinging when applied to the eyes, smell free, fragrance free.

This Product is extremely helpful for many Viral Skin Issues and attacks the Virus directly.

This Product is extremely helpful for Acne issues as well for acute to chronic Acne issues.

This product can be applied once to many times per day as desired for results.

Spanning well over 100 years of research, countless laboratory tests have shown silver to kill disease causing pathogens, viruses and bacteria typically within minutes of contact. Silver has been shown to be a powerful anti fungal, anti-germicidal, anti bacterial and anti viral substance. Silver's ability to work against pathogenic substances is due to it's amazing ability to oxidize them.

Cleopatra's Silver Professional Gel is Non Toxic, Non Addicting, and 100% Safe for all with No Known Side Effects.

Try Cleopatra's Silver Professional Gel Today and Get your life back under control when dealing with any skin related issues.

Silver Professional Gel

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