Secret B17 Colloidal Rhodium 32oz with Vitamin B17 Pro
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This item includes 1 32oz (946ml) SECRET B17: Rhodium Professional in a Glass Bottle - 100% Pure .9995% HIGH VOLTAGE True Colloidal Rhodium with a Free Scoop with Vitamin B17 Professional with 50% Amygdalin compared to 2-3% found in Apricot Kernels, 100 Capsules and 600mg per capsule...The Strongest, Purest Bitter Apricot Kernel Seed Extract in the World !

More Information on both Products Below :

SECRET B17 : High Voltage Rhodium Professional 200ppm

*High Voltage - The Only High Voltage Supplier In the Entire World !


*and as always Potent and Pure !

What is " Secret B17 " Known as Rhodium Professional ? ( A MUST READ )

Vitamin B17 Professional introduces "Secret B17" known as High Voltage 200ppm Rhodium Professional. What is Rhodium Professional ? First We must explain what Rhodium is. Rhodium is a chemical element with the symbol Rh and atomic number 45. It is a very rare, silvery-white, hard, and chemically inert transition metal. It is a member of the platinum group. It is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals but more importantly it is found in the world's most precious vegetables and fruits in atomic and trace amounts that most consume for great health. To name a few, Precious Rhodium is found in Bitter Apricot Kernels or Seeds better known as Vitamin B17 (All Vitamin B17 Professional's), *Carrots, Aloe Vera, Water Cress, Grape Seeds, Blue Green Algae, Blood Root, "Essiac Tea", Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Shark Cartilage, Pine Bark, Ginko Biloba, St.Johns Wort (Sicarius Professional), Wild Yam, Kabuchi known as Chinese Mushroom, Flax Oil, Almond Seeds, and most Seeds that contain Vitamin B17 such as Strawberries, Rasberries, Blueberries, etc the list goes on and on. Rhodium seems to be hiding in the healthiest foods on this planet mostly in atomic form (trace amounts) and the % seems to range greatly between these Healthy Super Foods.

Now we have heard the great things about Apricot Kernels, Carrots, and products such as Essiac Tea however for the most part we are unaware of how exactly they work. For example we know that the "Better" Apricot Kernels (seeds) are called the Hunza Apricot Kernels (seeds) because we know that Hunza Apricot Kernels have the highest % of Amygdalin (Bitter Apricot Kernels/Seeds Main (fighting) ingredient, which is 3%, we know that all other Apricot Kernels found around the world are generally at 2% Amygdalin content. We also know that Vitamin B17 Professional 20:1 contains 50% Amygdalin and Vitamin B17 Professional 6% contains 6% Amygdalin. So to explain clearly we know that the higher content of Amygdalin inside these Apricots make the product simply "work better".

But what about Carrots, Celery, Wheatgrass, boysenberries, Swedish cranberries, currants, elderberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, loganberries, mulberries, raspberries, quince, choke cherries and wild crab apples ? .........Well interestingly enough, each of these all have a certain % of Amygdalin in them, topping the chart is the Apricot Kernel or Seed having the most. But what is it we don't know ?

Inside all these wonderful foods is Rhodium !!!

It seems to also be "just coincidence" that the higher amount of Amygdalin content in these foods also has a higher amount of Rhodium in these foods....AMAZING

So the Higher or Purer the Product with the most Amygdalin content will also have the highest amounts of Rhodium as well. Is Amygdalin and Rhodium the same thing ? The answer is No. Is the Fighting Ingredient that makes it work Amygdalin or Rhodium ? It simply seems to be both ! Both Amygdalin and Rhodium have been tested in Trials and both seem to react differently but with the same result.

Now just interestingly enough Rhodium has been found in all the greatest foods containing smaller to no Amygdalin content as well , such foods like : Broccoli, Asparagus, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumbers, egg-plant, green and yellow squash, green beans and peas, red and yellow peppers, spinach, mustard greens, collards, kale, lettuce, okra, parsley, scallions, radishes, swiss chard, sea vegetables such as nori, wakame (Cleo's Inhibitor Professional), and Niziki, Wheat Grass, barley grass, turnips, sprouted grains or beans and onion.

So It seems that however foods containing Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) are great and wonderful foods, it also seems that foods containing higher amounts of Rhodium than Amygdalin if any are just as healthy if not healthier in some regards. So it seems to be a battle in which is a better, stronger, contender ....Amygdalin Vs. Rhodium. The Fact is regardless of which one you or I think is better it seems clear that both are absolutely incredible compounds.

Now we know that Pure Organic Carrot Juice contains some of the highest amounts of Rhodium (as well as Pure Organic Grape Juice) if these products are not contaminated with GMO's, Pesticides, Radiation, and Chem Trails but did you know that a substance like Carrot Juice that seems to work so well only contains about 0.12% of Atomic Rhodium per batch which means as we are sure you have heard, the people that consume the most carrot juice get the quickest results. However Aloe Vera Concentrated high enough if hidden forms can contain it least 20.0% Rhodium and more depending. So are we suppose to go out and drink pure aloe vera concentrate ? well we could however the pure aloe vera itself in the amount we need would probably make us have a very upset stomach for we are not use to living off the land and eating and drinking such substances especially in high amounts. So what should we do then if we want 100.0% Rhodium and further concentrate that and have no side effects ? The answer is simple : Get B17 Professional's "B17 Secret" known as Rhodium Professional - The High Voltage 200ppm Colloidal Solution.

Secret B17 Professional is 100% Pure Rhodium meaning it is produced in Double Distilled Water and .999 Rhodium Rh, that's it a pure 100.0 % Rhodium Colloidal Solution at a High 200ppm making it the strongest and purest Concentration in the world. Secret B17 Rhodium Professional is available in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz sizes and only provided in Glass Bottles. Secret B17 contains NO SALTS, NO CHEMICALS, NO REDUCING AGENTS, Contains NO GMO, NO ADDITIVES, NO Pesticides, NO Preservatives, NO Radiation, and ONLY PURE .999 Rhodium Rh. We produce our Secret B17 Rhodium Professional using a UNDERWATER  Suspended High Voltage Method initiating a Plasma Arc which in turns creates the smallest Rhodium nanoparticles possible. This Process is Highly Expensive and Long creating a 200ppm Rhodium Professional batch in 72 straight hours. Be Aware of Low Voltage Rhodium products, most in which use salts or corn syrup to create high ppm's and particle size no matter what they say is unsafe. Low Voltage Precious Metals such as Silver, Gold, and especially Rhodium can lead to a build up in the body and cause problems. High Voltage Industrial machines are NOT for sale by any Manufacturer to the Public and if you can find another Rhodium Supplier, 100% of these suppliers ONLY provide low voltage producing methods which is usually done in a garage. Also with low voltage, generally you can not produce a Rhodium Solution without salts or chemicals which form a toxic, neurotoxin and is very unhealthy to the body which will create damage.  Our Rhodium Professional (Secret B17), can be particle tested using a Electron Microscope, Purity can be determined by an ICP Atomic Spectroscopy, and the Concentration can be determined by ICP Atomic Emissions. Our Rhodium Professional cannot be tested by a TDS Meter because due to the High Voltage Method, the Particle Size is too small and a TDS Meter cannot pick up the Atomic Rhodium in the solution. However for simple home testing a Lazer can be used and you will see your Rhodium Professional will be Totally Saturated.

Rhodium is believed to make up a significant portion of the brain. Rhodium is therefore likely to be involved in a vast array of brain functions including cognitive ability, intelligence, emotional development, and memory. Rhodium is assumed to assiss in Melatonin production and the regulation of sleep, immune enhancement, thymus and adrenal restoration. Rhodium promotes hormonal balance, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production, tissue regeneration, as well as the extension of youthfullness, and DNA restoration and enhancement. Rhodium assists with the central nervous system, mainly the brain, making multitasking simpler and increases vividness of dreams including the recall of them. Rhodium right now is being studied and heavily researched as a means to treat cancer, although very little of any conclusive has been published for public education.  Again, when we analyze carrot juice and people consuming high amounts of Carrot Juice or Aloe Vera Juice we find they have overcome there illness. Well Rhodium is the cause of all these Amazing foods that that enable them to do such a profound job. No Toxicity is found with these people consuming such high amounts of Rhodium in these foods, and quite the opposite they have found that Pure Rhodium inhibits the growth of cancerous_cells and directly transmutes the "bad cell" back to normal with no adverse effects. More knowledge on this subject has to be researched and sadly not shared from us. We do however recommend taking Secret B17 Rhodium Professional with Vitamin B17 Professional at the same time. Zeolite Professional and Graviola Professional can be used as well however Rhodium Professional should be taken on an empty stomach 15-30minutes before food and it least 1 hour after food. **Secret B17 Rhodium Professional solution should be held under the tongue and/or in the mouth for 30seconds to 2minutes before swallowing.

B17-20:1 50% Amygdalin
Known as Amygdalin / Laetrile / Apricot Seed Extract

B17-20:1 is B17 (known as Amygdalin or Laetrile) at a strength of 20:1, meaning it is 20 x (times) more potent than any B17 available today with a concentration of 50% Amygdalin. Cleopatra's B17 Professional 20:1 is extracted from Organic Bitter Apricot Seed Kernels, cold processed and extracted at a strength of 20:1 with an additional 50% Amygdalin added to it. Amygdalin is one of two main ingredients found in B17, second being Rhodium, which are both the fighting ingredients.
**100 Capsules Per Jar Each Capsule 600mg

Further Reading
Vitamin B17 Professional Pro600 600mg
Organic Bitter Apricot Seed Extract Pro600 EXTRA STRENGTH 20:1 w/50%added Amygdalin
What is Vitamin B17 Known as Either Bitter Apricot Seed Extract Pro300 ? or

Vitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin ? OR
Vitamin B17 Professional 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin ?
Each Type Of Vitamin B17 Pro / Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract is :
Now Let's See the Difference Between Other Brand's ....................... See Below

Brand XYZ which is the Type of Vitamin B17 or Bitter Apricot Seed Extract sold by most retailers is Vitamin B17 or Bitter Apricot Seed Extract found in various parts of the world has a strength of 2% Amygdalin Content in their Apricot Seed/Kernel Extract even if they tell you it is 100% Vitamin B17 or even if they say it is 100% Amygdalin - If it were 100% Amygdalin a Jar would cost over $500.00 to $700.00 for 100Capsules so that is when you know they are lying. Most retailers sell their capsules at a 500mg content per cap.  A 500mg Capsule containing 100 Capsules would Provide you with 50,000mg or 50grams of Bitter Apricot Seed Extract. So each Jar of 100 Capsules would give you 1,000mg or 1 Gram of Amygdalin content per "Jar"not per capsule. This is because it only has a 2% Amygdalin content.
**100 Capsules are roughly equal to taking 15-20 Kernels at absolute best but should be around 10-12 simply because 1 grinded up Apricot would fill anywhere between 2-5capsules depending on size.

Brand XYZZ which is less common, is a type of Vitamin B17 or Bitter Apricot Kernel extract found in Pakistan, known as the Hunza Vitamin B17 or the Hunza Bitter Apricot Seed / Kernel extract. This Hunza Extract has the highest natural Amygdalin content in the world and each Hunza Kernel/Seed has 3% Amygdalin content compared to other Apricot Kernels found around the world which is generally 2% Amygdalin. A 500mg Capsule containing 100 Capsules of Hunza Extract per Jar would Provide you with 50,000mg or 50grams of Bitter Apricot Seed Extract. So each Jar of 100 Capsules would give you 1,500mg or 1.5 Gram of Amygdalin content per "Jar" not per capsule. This is because it only has a 3% Amygdalin content in the Extract.
**100 Capsules are equal to taking 20 Bitter Apricot Kernels at best however should be around 12-15 simply because 1grinded up Apricot would fill anywhere between 2-5capsules depending on the size but higher amygdalin content.

Cleopatra's Health Inc or Vitamin B17 Professional Inc (sister companies) introduces Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300 or Vitamin B17 Pro300. This Organic Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract is 100% Pure, Additive Free, Preservative Free, etc. This Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract has gone through a Cold Process Extraction method in where 2 Batches of this Extract were separated. The First Large Batch had ALL of its Amygdalin content extracted from it, and the content of 3% Amygdalin was then added to the second batch providing a total of 6% Amygdalin content. Since 3% content was naturally in the second batch of Hunza Apricot Kernels. This Product contains 300mg per capsule of 6% Amygdalin, and contains 100 capsules per Jar. Each Capsule is Size 3 which is small for easy swallowing for anyone in the family. A 300mg Capsule containing 100 Capsules of Hunza Extract per jar would provides you with 30,000mg or 30Grams of Bitter Apricot Seed Extract per jar. So Each Jar of 100 Capsules would give you 1,800mg or 1.8Grams of Amygdalin content per jar, not per capsule.
**100 Size3 Capsules (only 300mg each) are equal to taking "100 Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernels" simply due to the Amygdalin content which is the fighting ingredient. Let's add , 1 Hunza Apricot has 3% Amygdalin. 1 Pro300 has 6% Amygdalin per capsule. 100 Capsules is equal to 100 Hunza Apricot Kernels and 150 Regular Kernels.

Cleopatra's Health Inc or Vitamin B17 Professional Inc introduces Vitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin 600mg Capsules, 100 Capsules per jar. This is also known as Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract with 6% Amygalin. Like All Cleo, or Vitamin B17 Inc Products the B17 Pro 6% is Organic, Pure, Additive Free, etc, etc. Like the Pro300 the Bitter Apricot Kernel extract is separated in 2 batches. A large and a small. Using a special cold process method, the First Large Batch is extracted out of all of it's Amygdalin content and that Amygdalin content is applied into the second smaller batch forming a 6% Amygdalin content since it's original content was at 3% Amygdalin for being a Hunza Apricot Batch. Each Capsule contains 600mg+ of Organic Bitter Apricot Seed Extract at a content of 6% Amygdalin. A 600mg Capsule containing 100 Capsules Per Jar contains 60,000 mg or 60 Grams of Hunza Apricot Extract with added Amygdalin content. Each Jar of 100 Capsules would give you 3,600mg or 3.6Grams of Amygdalin content per jar not per capsule.
**100 Size00 Capsules (600mg each capsule) are equal to taking "100 Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernels" Simply due to the Amygdalin content which is the fighting ingredient. Let's add, 1 Hunza Apricot Kernel has 3% Amygdalin. 1 600mg B17 Pro 6% has 6% Amygdalin per capsule.  100 Capsules is equal to taking 200 Hunza Apricot Kernels or 250+ Regular Apricot Kernels.

Cleopatra's Health Inc or Vitamin B17 Pro Inc introduces the World's GREATEST Vitamin B17 Product ever offered called "Vitamin B17 Professional 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin" otherwise known as Super Bitter Apricot Extract 20:1 with added 50% Amygdalin. This product is by far the most AMAZING product ever to be able to actually reach anyone in the world needing the Best B17 can offer !! Yes this product is Additive Free, Preservative Free, WAY OVER PURE, etc etc. Like the Pro300 and B17 6% this Product has it's Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract put into two Batches, A Really Really Large batch and a Small Batch. After processing the First Batch at a strength of 20:1, Twenty Times Stronger than it's original 1:1 self, we then use our Cold Process Method to extract ALL the Amygdalin content and add a 50% Amydalin conten to the second 3% Hunza Extract Batch really making it a 53% Amygdalin Bitter Apricot Blend Batch. Each Jar contains 100 Bitter Apricot Kernel / B17 Pro Capsules each containing 600mg and each containing 50%+ Amygdalin Per Capsule. A 600mg Capsule containing 100 Capsules per jar contains 60,000mg or 60 Grams of Hunza Apricot Extract with Added 50% Amygdalin. Each Jar would Provide you with 30,000mg or 30 Grams of Amygdalin Content per jar not per capsule.
***100 Size 00 Capsules (600mg each capsule) are equal to taking"1,667"Hunza Apricot Kernels" or over 2000 Regular Apricot Kernels. WOW!!!!!!!!!, 1 Capsule is equal to taking 16.6 Hunza Kernels and 25+ Regular Apricot Kernels. Let's add, 1 Hunza Kernel =3% Amygdalin. 1 B17 Pro20:1 with added 50%Amy has 50% Amygdalin.  So it takes 16.667 Kernels to equal 1 capsule, so 100 Capsules X 16.6 = over 1667 kernels. Amazing !!
What is Vitamin B17 ?

B17 is a substance found naturally in over 1200 different foods, including the seeds of many kinds of fruits, such as apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, nectarines, apples and peaches, as well as many raw nuts.  Our natural B17 supplement is extracted from apricot seeds (Hunza) with added Amygdalin content.
B17 was the name given to the purified form of the molecule by a biochemist named Ernst T Krebs in 1952. It is a non-toxic natural product found in over 1,200 foods. Today B17 is extracted from apricot seeds which is the highest form of Amygdalin Content.

Why is B17 Important ?
We believe that a balanced diet is essential to a healthy life. Few of us consume enough vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. Nutritional supplements become necessary for optimal body function.  B17 is just one of the many nutrients our body needs.

What is the Amygdalin in B17 ?
Amygdalin is sometimes confused with laevomandelonitrile, also called laetrile for short; however, amygdalin and laetrile are different chemical compounds.[16] Laetrile, which was patented in the United States, is a semi-synthetic molecule sharing part of the amygdalin structure, while the "laetrile" made in Mexico is usually amygdalin, the natural product obtained from crushed apricot pits, or neoamygdalin. Simply Laetrile is a liquid injection, Amygdalin is mainly from foods or extracts.
Amygdalin (from Ancient Greek: ?μυγδαλ? amygdálē "almond"), C20H27NO11, is a glycoside initially isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds, by Pierre-Jean Robiquet and Antoine Boutron-Charlard, in 1830[1] and subsequently investigated by Liebig and Wöhler in 1830. Several other related species in the genus of Prunus, including apricot (Prunus armeniaca) and black cherry (Prunus serotina),[2] contain amygdalin. Amygdalin is also found in apples and many other substances.

Since the early 1950s, both amygdalin and a modified form named laetrile (liquid injection form) where given the name Vitamin B17, but until now never " Vitamin B17 Professional! " We have moved away from just grinding up Apricots and calling it B17, we improved it greatly to it's highest potential.

Dont Be Fooled......ALL Apricot Seeds/Kernels contain 2-3% Amygdalin Content which is the "Fighting Ingredient" that makes the Apricot Extract or "B17" work. The highest content of AMYGDALIN in Apricot Seeds / Kernels is found in the Hunza Apricots which is 3% Amygdalin. and most other sources of Vitamin B17 in Apricot Seeds or other sources generally equals out to be around 2% Amygalin content per Kernel or Seed.

Lets Just Be Clear For You To Understand easily without confusion in easy terms :

1: Vitamin B17 is the name for Apricot Kernels

2: Inside B17 or Apricot Kernels (same thing) is it's special ingredient called Amygdalin

3: Amygdalin is the ingredient inside Apricot Kernels known as B17 that is what makes B17 or Kernels work or do what they do.

4: Products or Sellers that Claim they have a 500mg or 300mg or so on of PURE Amygdalin -DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5: In any Apricot Kernel / Seed or any Vitamin B17 Capsule there is only 2-3% Amygdalin, Hunza Apricots being the highest content at 3%.

6: So in 1 Apricot Kernel or B17 Capsule there is 97-98% Apricot Kernel Extract BUT only 2-3% Amygdalin Content known as Vitamin B17 (Simply Amygdalin is Vitamin B17 and not really the extract).

7: SO if you buy a product who claims their capsule is 100% Amygdalin they call B17 then the bottle would cost $500-$700 per jar.

8: Now in Vitamin B17 Professional it is either 6% or 50% Vitamin B17 also known as 6% or 50% Amygdalin compared to 2-3% in ALL other products or extracts.  It is our  AMAZING EXTRACTION PROCESS that gives our products the name "Professional" as separates us from the rest.

9: So when you buy any Vitamin B17 Capsule Product, Any Apricot Seed Capsule Product, Any Apricot Kernel Capsule Product or any Apricot Extract Powder you are ONLY GETTING 2-3% AMYGDALIN per capsule /2-3% Vitamin B17 per capsule, or per oz, or per pound, etc because there is only 2-3% AMYGDALIN (vitamin b17) PERIOD found in 100% PURE VITAMIN B17 (known as 100% PURE APRICOT KERNEL EXTRACT) so don't be fooled. 100% Vitamin B17 means 2-3% Vitamin B17 but 97-98% Apricot Kernel which is worthless.
10: DONT BE FOOLED ANYMORE, if you buy 1 apricot kernel and crush it down and or grind it, the 1 Kernel will fill up 3-5 Capsules depending on the kernels size. So for every 1 Kernel it is worth 3-5capsules, of any Apricot Seed Product sold today besides the "Professional B17 Products" that are made different.

11: Read Above, and see the difference between products.............Enough Said

Secret B17 Colloidal Rhodium 32oz with Vitamin B17 Pro

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