Prodalin Professional 100% Pure Vegetarian Amygdalin Capsules
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Prodalin Professional Pro920 is the World's Greatest Vitamin B17 Product that cannot even be compared. Each Vegetarian Capsule contains over 920mg or Pure 99.99% Amygdalin which is the real name for B17. Each Jar contains 100 Vegetarian Capsules. Prodalin Pro920 ONLY contains 920mg of Amygdalin (B17)with 0% Fillers, 0% Additives, 0% Preservatives, 0% GMO, 0% Chemicals, and Prodalin's Amygdalin is cold processed extracted from Real Hunza Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels. Prodalin Pro920 is the World's #1 B17 in which it leaves all the rest far far behind hands down. Many retailers try to sale you a 500mg tablet or capsule of either Brown Extract which usually means it's just 98% Apricot Kernel Extract with 2% Amygdalin (2% B17) or if the Extract is White (The Color of Amygdalin is White after being extracted), They usually provide 300mgs of B17 in which the rest are "essential fillers" which generally means cheaper for them to make. Here at Vitamin B17 Professional Inc we don't hide the truth but put it in plain black and white. Prodalin Pro has No Fillers or Any Substance besides it's Vegetarian Capsule and it's ONLY ingredient REAL AMYGDALIN B17 at The HIGHEST MG in the World of 920+mgs.

Prodalin is :

100% Pure 99.99% Amygdalin (Pure White in Color, Amygdalin is White)

100% Vegetarian

100% Organic

100% Cold Processed

100% Extract From Natural Organic Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernels (Seeds)

0% Chemicals, Additives, Preservatives, Heat, Radiation, GMO, Fillers, Residues, or Gel

ONLY 100% PURE !






Prodalin Professional Pro920+mg .9999% Pure Amygdalin Capsules

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