Prodalin Pro500 99.99% Pure Amygdalin 500mg's
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What is Prodalin Pro500 ?

Prodalin Pro500 like it's Big Brother "Prodalin Pro920", are the World's Best, Purest, and Strongest Vitamin B17 Capsules !

Why ? Simply due to the Fact that Prodalin Pro500 and Pro920 have 0% Apricot Kernel Extract meaning their is absolutely no Apricot Kernel Seeds, or Kernels, or Extract in the Capsule.

Then What is Prodalin Pro500 and Pro920 Filled Of : They consist of Pure 99.99% Amygdalin Known as Vitamin B17 that was extracted from Organic Apricot Kernels.

I Thought Apricot Kernel Extract is Vitamin B17 ? Not Really, Each Apricot Kernel or Seed consists on average of only 2-3% Vitamin B17 known as Amygdalin, the other 97-98% consists of just the Apricot's natural Vitamin and Mineral Content. The Fighting Ingredient is the Vitamin B17 known as Amygdalin.

So Prodalin Pro500 and it's Big Brother Prodalin Pro920 are Pure Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) ?  Yes

Most Retailers add Rice or Rice Flour as a Filler, does Prodalin Pro500 or Pro920 ?  ALL Prodalin's and Vitamin B17 Professionals as well as our Natural Apricot Kernel Extract Capsules contain 0% Fillers, 0% Preservatives, 0% GMO, 0% Additives, 0% Chemicals, 0% Radiation, and 0% Heat Processing.....Simply Pure and Potent Vitamin B17 at a 99.99% Purity !

How Many Capsules Per Jar and are they Gel or Vegetarian ? Prodalin Pro500 consists of 100 Organic Vegetarian Capsules, Each Capsule consists of 500mg's + on average of 530-570mg's of 99.99% Amygdalin per capsule.

Are the Prodalins Cold Processed ? Yes, the Prodalins and Every other Vitamin B17 Pro Inc product is Cold Processed to preserve the Purity and it's natural Amygdalin (B17).

Prodalin Pro500 99.99% Pure Amygdalin 500mg's

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