Prodalin Pro300 Professional 100.0% Pure Amygdalin Capsules
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Prodalin Pro300 Professional. Prodalin Pro300 consists of 100.0% Pure Organic Amygdalin in 300mg Vegetarian Capsules. Prodalin Pro300 provides 100 Organic Vegetarian Capsules per jar of Pure Amygdalin Content derived from Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels however due to Prodalin Pro300 being Totally pure Amygdalin, it has a 0% content of Apricot Kernel Extract however the .9999% Pure Amygdalin is extracted from Organic Bitter Hunza Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract (cold process). Prodalin Pro300's appearance is Pure White Amygdalin Powder in Small Clear Vegetarian Capsules. Each Small Prodalin Pro300 Capsules is equal to taking 30 Bitter Apricot Kernels.

0% Fillers (Most companies include Flour or Rice in the capsules which are very unhealthy)
0% Preservatives
0% Additives
0% Chemicals
0% Radiation
0% Heat Processing
100% Cold Processed
100% Pure and Potent
100% Verified Added Amy Content
100% Organic
100% Vegetarian

100% Amygdalin Content


Prodalin Pro300 Professional 100.0% Pure Amygdalin Capsules

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