Professional Grade New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000mg's 100:1 with Full Concentrated Growth Factor Matrix
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The Strongest Deer Antler Product In The World Hands Down !

Pharmaceutical Grade Highly Concentrated : New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000mg's 100:1

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*Full Growth Factor Matrix 100:1
*100 Vegetarian Capsules
*3000mg's Per Dose
*1000mg's Each
*100,000mg's Per Jar
*19,992ng's of IGF-1 Per Capsule
*1,999,200.00ng's of IGF-1 Per Jar
*100:1 Organic Red Deer Antler Velvet (100lbs concentrated to 1lb)
*Extreme Nitric Oxide, IGF-1 Boosting, Testosterone Boosting added Blend.
*0% Harmful Chemicals, Additives, Fillers, Preservatives, Radiation, or GMO added.
*100% Organic Ingredients with 0% "Other Ingredients"
*1 Jar lasts 30days
*Contains Over 30 types of Naturally Occurring Amino Acids.

Tired of so many useless Deer Antler Products in the market today. Around 90% of them are produced in China and Sent here to the United States. The remaining 10% may come from New Zealand however the "Added Ingredients" or "Other Ingredients" are either simple fillers such as Rice or Flour or contain harmful fillers such as dicalcium phosphate, talc, and more which actually can cause cancer. This is where IGF-1 Empire Inc steps into the picture. We believe in 100% Potent Ingredients, yet safe, and Organic without any Chemicals, Harmul Additives, Hormones, Radiation, Harmful Fillers, or GMO ingredients. Notice how the leading Deer Antler Products claim 100% Pure, however you then read the "Other Ingredients" column and find things like Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Lemon or Lime Flavoring, adding sugar or stevia, silica, and then all the added chemicals which cause cancer, what happened to 100% Pure Deer Antler Velvet. Come On People wake up, get real, and buy Professional Grade Red Deer Antler Velvet produced with Actual Real Ingredients where you get the benefits as well as adding Protection to your body and organs and leaving out all the rest of the useless garbage that hurts you.

Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000mgs Professional Grade actually comes from New Zealand first of all. Second of all we wanted to leave the competition far behind so we potentized it 100:1 meaning it took 100lbs of the Tip and Top of Grade A Red Deer Antler Velvet to produce just 1 Pound of our Antler Pro3000 100:1....Amazing. The Deer Antlers used are Grass Fed in New Zealand, Grazing Freely and in no way were harmed during the process. They have never been given any hormones or chemicals nor eat any GMO foods or grain.

Third, Unlike most competitors who do offer a concentrated form of Deer Antler (ours leaving them all behind) supply you with a tiny amount such as 100-300mg's, so small it would have little effect on the body, then they charge you 2-3 times the price of what we charge our customers for an inferior product by far. Each Jar of Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000 consists of 100x1000mg Vegetarian Capsules. At the Standard dose of taking 3 capsules per day which equals 3000mg's per dose a jar lasts 30 days. At Maximum Dose for those who just cant wait and hit the gym or your sport so hard we allow 6 capsules to be taken per day which will last a user 15 days while taking 6000mg's per day.

Now, we first started with our Potentized (highly concentrated) Grade A Red Deer Antler Velvet but wanted to add that extra kick for added effect and benefit, as well as to protect your body, especially liver, and to help the Organic Concentrated Red Deer Antler Velvet 100:1 to be absorbed much better and able to go to the places in the body in which it needs to get to asap. So we added our Organic Proprietary Blend to get the Red Deer Antler Velvet Results faster as well as more readily.

The Pro Blend includes :
1) 200:1 Organic Beet Root Extract for added Extreme Nitric Oxide Boost. It took 200lbs or Organic Beets to create just 1 Pound of Highly Concentrated Beets in this Jar.
2) 100% Pure Organic L-Citrulline for added Nitic Oxide Boost.
3) 100% Pure Zinc Orotate which absorbs higher than any other zinc and it's purpose is to carry nutrition such as IGF-1 to the cells, however known to enable your body to be able to actually produce it's own naturally like your body is suppose to do with good natural zinc levels. 0% Zinc levels in individuals have the lowest natural IGF-1 Levels.
4) 100% Pure Magnesium Orotate, the highest absorbable Magnesium which naturally increases IGF-1 Levels as well as the #1 Mineral your body needs to stay alive and healthy. Protects your whole body, bones, cartilage, eats sugar in the body to loose fat and so much we would need 20 pages to fill in the benefits.
5) Ursolic Acid 25% is a pentacyclic triterpenoid identified in the epicuticular waxes of apples as early as 1920 and widely found in the peels of fruits, as well  as in herbs and spices like rosemary and thyme, it naturally boosts your IGF-1 levels to increase muscle size while reducing fat.
6) 100% Pure HMB Powder is needed by the body to protect and repair  muscle tissue. It is thought to do this by slowing muscle protein  breakdown and speeding protein synthesis, and also by preserving the  structural integrity of your muscle cells, as well as natually increasing your IGF-1 Levels.
7) Boron is used for boron deficiency, painful menstruation, building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination, acts as a natural IGF-1 Booster.
8) Organic Concentrated Cayenne Pepper 90,000 HU is used to detox the body (gotta get healthy to get strong and fast), relives joint pain, helps the heart rebuild and repair, supports weight loss as well as anti inflammatory, Speeds up the Metabolism, Gets the blood flowing, Reduces clots, allows Deer Antler to travel quickly in the body, as well as so many added benefits.

*The Blend is on top of the already Highly Extreme Professional Grade Dose of 100:1 Organic Deer Antler Velvet which again means we got 100lbs and condensed it to just 1lb by cold process extraction to preserve it's full benefit.

So you may ask, what should i expect. Well unlike Drugs, Chemicals, and Steroids with their nasty side effects, Red Deer Antler Pro3000 100:1 Works 100% Naturally with your body to raise your IGF-1 Levels so the performance you gain in strength, size or speed is here to stay, why ? Because you just trained your body to get your results naturally without fake chemicals which either only last a while or all results stop when you stop taking them. We ask that a User allow 30-90 days on this product to gets its potential and allow your body to feed off the benefits or this Pro3000 100:1 Deer Antler. Day by Day your body will get what it needs to naturally grow stronger, leaner, faster, and bigger the right way as well as the safe way. This product is so effective yet safe a user can stay on the product for as long as he or she desires.

Growth Factor Matrix :  *contains  insulin-like growth factor (IGF) I, insulin-like growth factor (IGF)  II, transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-A), transforming growth factor  beta (TGF-B), epidermal growth factor (EGF), erythropoietin (EPO), bone  morphogenetic proteins (BMPs), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), growth  differentiation factor-9 (GDF9), interleukins, nerve growth factor (NGF)  and other neurotrophins, platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF),  vascular endothelial growth factor. 

Lastly but not least by far, the leading competitor's jar contains 100,000ng's of IGF-1 Per Jar, sound good ? Well Red Deer Antler Pro3000 100:1 contains 1,999,200.00ng's per jar, that's a difference of 1 Million 898 Thousand, 200 less than the Professional 100:1 Pro3000. We're still laughing are you ?

New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000 100:1 Full IGF-1

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