Natural Organic New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet Extract
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Natural Organic New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet with Boosters

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*100 Vegetarian Capsules
*3000mg's Per Dose
*1000mg's Each
*100,000mg's Per Jar
*Natural Strength IGF Ng Content
*Natural Organic New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet.
*Nitric Oxide, IGF-1 Boosting, Testosterone Boosting added Blend.
*0% Harmful Chemicals, Additives, Fillers, Preservatives, Radiation, or GMO added.
*100% Organic Ingredients with 0% "Other Ingredients"
*1 Jar lasts 30days
*Contains Over 30 types of Naturally Occurring Amino Acids.

There are many Deer Antler Products in the market today. Most come straight from China and are bottled years before we even get them here in the United States. Over 90% of Deer Antler products do not come from New Zealand, nor are they Organic or even Chemical Free. Here at IGF-1 Empire Inc we strive to provide the most Professional Deer Antler Products which is why we first brought out our "Real New Zealand Natural Organic Red Deer Antler Velvet".

The Real New Zealand Natural Organic Red Deer Antler Velvet supplies a user only the Purest Ingredients that are 100% Organic, Pure, and Natural. We add NO harmful Fillers, Chemicals, Additives, GMO, Toxins, or Cancer Causing Agents like so many in the Market Today. Each Jar of The Real Natural Organic Red Deer Antler Velvet contains 100 Vegetarian Capsules each containing 1000mg's. Each Serving Consists of 3 Capsules equaling 3000mg's per serving.

First We started out using the Finest Farm Raised, Free Range Red Deer Antlers straight from the Farm in New Zealand. Antlers are always removed on Deer Farms to protect all the Deer from each other in territorial fights. We use only the Top and Tips of each Red Deer Antler and Process using a Cold Process Extraction Method, From there the Extract is Freeze Dried and sent directly to us in South Florida where we go through a 3-Step Inspection process where we check for strength and purity. And Right here in South Florida USA we fill an package and ship our Fresh Organic Red Deer Antler Extract straight to you.

Each 3000mg's Dose consists of 1500mg's of Pure Organic Natural Red Deer Antler Velvet and 1500mg's of our IGF-1 and Nitric Oxide Booster Agents Blend that give your body a great kick start daily to providing it's very own IGF-1 as well as mixing with the Natural IGF-1 content in the Red Deer Antler Extract itself. We chose some of the finest ingredients in our Proprietary Blend that cause no harmful effects to your body like other Antler Products while maintaining and protecting your body during it's IGF Growth Factor Matrix Growth Cycle.

The "Blend" :
1) Before the Blend we add 1500mg's of Natural Organic Red Deer Antler Velvet (Chemical Free).
2)100:1 Beet Root Extract to create a Nitric Oxide Boost through your body and rushing oxygen through your veins for longer and stronger workouts. 100:1 means we took 100lbs of Organic Beet Root and Concentrated it down to 1lb !
3)100% Pure L-Citrulline for yet another Nitric Oxide Boost.
4)Zinc Orotate which absorbs higher than any other zinc and it's purpose is to carry nutrition such as IGF-1 to the cells, however known to enable your body to be able to actually produce it's own naturally like your body is suppose to do with good natural zinc levels. 0% Zinc levels in individuals have the lowest natural IGF-1 Levels.
5)100% Pure Magnesium Orotate, the highest absorbable Magnesium which naturally increases IGF-1 Levels as well as the #1 Mineral your body needs to stay alive and healthy. Protects your whole body, bones, cartilage, eats sugar in the body to loose fat and so much we would need 20 pages to fill in the benefits.
6)100% Pure HMB Powder is needed by the body to protect and repair  muscle tissue. It is thought to do this by slowing muscle protein  breakdown and speeding protein synthesis, and also by preserving the  structural integrity of your muscle cells, as well as natually increasing your IGF-1 Levels.
7)Boron is used for boron deficiency, painful menstruation, building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination, acts as a natural IGF-1 Booster.
8)Organic Cayenne Pepper 30,000 HU is used to detox the body (gotta get healthy to get strong and fast), relives joint pain, helps the heart rebuild and repair, supports weight loss as well as anti inflammatory, Speeds up the Metabolism, Gets the blood flowing, Reduces clots, allows Deer Antler to travel quickly in the body, as well as so many added benefits.

*This amazing blend works with your body to create a stronger, leaner, and faster environment while maintaining, protecting, and building muscle growth naturally which simply means no chemicals and harsh ingredients that will eventually slow you down and make you ill like so many Deer Antler Products produced today. Always check the Ingredients of your Brand of Deer Antler especially the "Other Ingredients" which use cancer causing agents and fillers useless to your body.

*Please allow 30-90days for effects to really get started in your body, time differs per individual. Once effects starts taking place, this means your body is naturally producing IGF-1, IGF-2, Testosterone and the Full Growth Factor Matrix. From that point on, results only get better and better. This is the 100% Natural Way of making your body's potential maximize without worrying about long term or even short term side effects with most products sold in the market today.

***For Stronger Results, try our Red Deer Antler Velvet Pro3000 100:1. Meaning we used 100lbs of our Special Red Deer Antler Velvet and Concentrated it down to 1lb. Basically meaning 1 Capsule of the Pro3000 100:1 would equal taking over 100 of the next leading competitors. The Blend in the Pro3000 100:1 is also more concentrated. Remember Most Deer Antler Velvet Retailers use the lower to base of the Antler produced and sent from China which are all Heat processed, all the IGF compounds are 100% destroyed and useless. Are you getting any results from your Deer Antler Extract. Then Get the Real Deal Today.

Natural Organic New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet Extract

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