Freedom Pack 7
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 Live Free Pack 7 includes :

a) 1 Medella 64:1 4oz bottle which if taken normally at 12 drops per dose 3x per day will last 60 days, 12 drops per dose 4x per day will last 40 days. If taking double doses = 24drops per dose - this bottle will last 30days taken 3x daily and 20days taken 4x daily.

b) The New B17-20:1 Pro (with 50% Amygdalin compared to 3% in any other B17 Product) - 100 600mg Capsules. This bottle will last 33.3 days if taken as recommended - 1 capsule 3x daily. 1 Capsule is equal to taking 30 large Organic Bitter Apricot Kernals.

c) Sicarius Professional - 120 800mg Capsules. This bottle will last 30 days if taken as recommended - 1 capsule 4x daily.

d) Graviola 20:1 Professional - 120 600mg Capsules. This bottle will last between 30-40days if taken 1 capsule 3-4x daily.

e) Abyss : 200 800mg Capsules. If taking 8 Per day this bottle will last 25 days and if taking 16 per day (16=1tablespoon), a bottle will then last 12.5days.

f) Moringa: Immune Boost - 250 800mg Capsules. Bottle will last 125days if taken 2 per day, and 62.5days if taking 4 per day, and 25days if taking 10 capsules per day.


All products in the pack are highly potent,  100% organic, 100% natural, 100% Pure, with 0% Fillers, Preservatives, or Additives.

Live Free Pack 7

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