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Ionic Silver Pro

Ionic Silver Professional is the True Ionic Silver which is mainly used on the outside of a person's body such as the ears, nose, eyes, nails, or skin. Ionic Silver can be used internally however is dramatically weakened by the stomach acid and mostly destroyed, for this reason Colloidal Silver Professional should be used on the inside of a persons body (taken orally) and Ionic Silver should be used on the exterior of a person's body. Please Note Ionic Silver is a liquid and we also offer "Silver Gel Professional" which is a Ionic Silver Gel for the skin. The choice of using the Ionic Silver liquid or Ionic Silver Gel is the choice of the customer.

Ionic Silver Professional is produced at a 20 ppm solution using .9999 % Pure Silver. No added Salts or Chemicals are used in the process such as many sold in the market today. Using Salts or Chemicals, the Ionic Silver or Colloidal Silver can reach very high ppm's such as 40ppm or 100ppm or 500ppm solutions. These solutions are NOT safe and create a different chemical in and on the body. Using High ppm Ionic and Colloidal Silver will also give a user a Great Chance of getting Argyria (turning blue). Turning Blue is caused from taking High Doses of Colloidal or Ionic Silver when produced using Salts or Chemicals at high PPM's, even if your dosing is small. This is due from the salts and/or chemicals forming a new solution and not a Pure or Professional Ionic or Colloidal Solution that is safe and clean.

Ionic Silver Professional is produced clean using NO salts or Chemicals. Real Solutions are made between a 10-30ppm solution using only Double Distilled Water and Pure .9999% Silver. Cleopatra's Ionic Silver Professional uses only the purest solutions and the smallest Nano Sized Silver Particles.

What type of Silver is in Ionic Silver Professional and Colloidal Silver Professional ?

1: Silver Ions :
a single atom of silver that is missing its one and only electron from it's outer most "valence" shell. A Silver Ion possesses a positive charge due to its unbalanced state after the removal of its valence electron. By removing a negative portion from the silver atom (knowing electrons are negatively charged matter), we're left with a positive charge as there is now more positive force within the atom than there is negative force. This is the majority of what is produced during electrolysis.

2: Silver Atoms :
The smallest individual piece of silver that can exist in its complete state as a silver. Silver atoms will always combine with other single silver atoms to form particles of silver.

3: Silver Metallic Particles :
2 or more silver atoms bonded together through a metallic bond.

4: Silver Oxide (Ag2O) (AgO) :
A compound of silver that is formed during the electrolysis process and slowly over time after the process completes. This silver compound is formed by 1 or 2 atoms of silver and 1 atom of free oxygen. This silver and oxygen compound will decompose over time and release the oxygen form of silver.

What is nano sized everyone is talking about ?

The unit of measure used when referring to these silver ions and particles is called the "nano-meter". Some popular terms are "nano sized silver" or simply "nano silver". Please know the word "nano" only refers to size and not a type of silver.

To understand how small these particles and ions can be, imagine that we magnify the thickness of a single human hair to represent 1 mile. Now imagine these silver ions and particles as small as 1 single green pea within that mile.

Why do silver particles or ions have to be small ?

Viruses, pathogens and bacteria are very small. So we must introduce a "destroyer" of something as small so the "destroyer" can easily find and kill the pathogen or organism. The smaller the silver particles such as nano sized, the more surface area of the body can be covered to find and kill these pathogens. Large particles will stay or accumulate in a confined area leaving a user minimal results.

How do Silver Particles Work ?

Nano-sized silver particles can attach to and penetrate pathogens such as the nano sized particles in Cleopatra's Ionic and Colloidal Silver Professional. These nano sized particles penetrate or attach to these pathogens, bacteria, and viruses by disrupting the bio-chemical process within. Most silver particles kill when attached or when penetrating the organism however even if a silver particle does not totally kill a pathogen it would it least disrupt the organism enough to allow the immune system to come in and overcome it.

Nano sized silver particles are a catalyst to the natural immune system's fight against pathogenic organisms and they can disrupt their ability to thrive.

This is done by the silver's ability to "oxidize" or assist in oxidation. All the pathogens such as viruses or bacteria thrive on a particular oxygen metabolizing enzyme to survive. The silver suffocates the enzyme and thus it dies.

Understanding PPM and What you are really Buying

Many consumers today have been lead to believe that the stronger the PPM of Silver the better......right ?  WRONG !

When producing a True Silver Solution such as Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver the PPM can only reach between 20-30 PPM Maximum ! The silver solution cannot hold anymore silver content unless tampered with which in fact produces another chemical and is harmful to the body.

Many consumers have been lead to believe that purchasing a 40PPM or 100PPM or even a 200 or 1000PPM solution must be better. Some honest sellers even tell the consumer to simply lower each dose to make it safe however unknowingly do not understand or possibly do understand that if a solution reached above the 30ppm maximum, they then forth used salt or another chemical to allow the solution to absorb more silver.
Is this a problem ?

Bringing a Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver solution higher than the 20-30ppm range is "not normal". Salt is generally used to do so and this process creates a New Chemical and not the Ionic or Colloidal Silver Solution that is safe when metabolized in or on the body.

When salt, chemicals, or synthetic additives are added to increase ppm the particle size of the silver also increases to a large size instead of small quality particle sizes which is what we need.


The only difference between 10ppm, 20ppm, or 30ppm is the amount per dose a person would take to be safe without having any negative side effects. For example if a person has a 10ppm Colloidal Silver solution the average dose would be 1 teaspoon. The average dose of 20ppm Colloidal Silver would be 1/2 teaspoon.


Topically it is best to use Ionic Silver which is clear however colloidal silver could still be used. If so their is NO set amount when addressing the eyes, ears, and skin. "Amount" is of no concern for overdose cannot occur. Please use as much desired to serve the purpose. Keep treating the area(s) until the desired effect is reached.

Orally: We suggest you take Colloidal Silver and Not Ionic Silver orally however if you choose to take Ionic Silver Orally in which your stomach acid will dramatically reduce it's effectiveness a maximum daily oral "maintenance dose" of 1 Tablespoon of 20 PPM solution for Adults and 1 Teaspoon of a 20 PPM solution for children and infants per day. It should be noted that all oral doses should be taken on an empty stomach and it least 30-60min away (before or after) any form of food.

It is best to take other supplements it least 30-60min's before or after a colloidal silver dose. Do not drink or eat processed foods or drinks such as alcohol or soda, fast food, high sugar foods, sugar foods, etc for these items will suppress the immune system.

General Precautions :

Never refrigerate or freeze Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver.
Never Drink from a Colloidal Silver / Ionic Silver bottle, always use a dispenser.
Avoid keeping your bottle in sunlight for long periods of time.
Avoid UV rays, keep in a dark place for long time storage.
Never put a towel or cotton ball on a bottle opening.
Keep the bottle clean at all times as well as hands when handling.

We recommend you discuss taking colloidal silver or other supplements with your healthcare professional before starting any use especially when discussing dosing for your particular needs.



Ionic Silver Professional

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