How To Use Your Coupon Code ?

How to use your Coupon Code Easily !

Step 1 : When on the Home Page you can "Click On" any item to View It or Click on the Category Links to View More Items.

Step 2: Once you find an Item(s) you would like to purchase click on the "Add to Cart" Button. This will bring the items you want to your shopping cart.

Step 3: Now you will have 3 options once you add an item to the cart. You can A) Click on "Continue Shopping" to add more items to the cart, B) Click on the "Checkout" Button which is the easiest way to use your coupon and pay even if Paying by Pay Pal, or C) Click on the "Checkout By Pay Pal" button but please note if choosing this option Pay Pal will have you sign in first, Verify your Regular Amount before reverting you back to the site to enter in your coupon.

Step 4: If you chose to Checkout by clicking on the "Checkout" button it will then bring you to the next page where you will now enter in your Billing and Shipping Information such as a your Name, Address, and Email so you can be sent your receipt and tracking information. If your Shipping Information is the same as your billing information you can simply click on the box that says "Shipping same as Billing" to save you time entering in your information.

Step 5: After Entering in your Billing and Shipping Information on the Previous Page, This page will have you choose your Favorite Shipping Method, from First Class Mail to the Fastest Express Mail. Click on the method you would like after viewing the prices.

Step 6: This page will show the information you entered on the Previous Page, Verify The Shipping Information and Billing Informaton is Correct, If so underneath your Item Summary and Total you will see a White Box with a Gold/Yellow Button underneath that says "Apply Coupon". Click on the Area above the "Apply Coupon" Box so you can enter in your Coupon Code. After you enter in your Coupon Code Press the "Apply Coupon" Button.

Step 7: Now that you have applied your coupon code the next page will Verify you entered in the Code Correctly and will show your New Discounted Price. On this  page, below the New Updated Price, you can now choose how you would like to pay (By Credit Card or Pay Pal).

Step 8. You can choose to press the "Checkout Button" and Pay by Credit Card" or you can choose to Pay by Pay Pal. If Paying By Credit Card, enter in your Card's information and Click on "Place Order". If Paying by Pay Pal, Pay Pal will have you sign in, Verifying your Payment, and your Shipping Address and then Pay Pal will revert you back to our site to make sure the order was successful.

Step 9. You will receive a receipt to the email address you provided in the order and usually within 24hours (many times the same business day) you will receive your tracking and shipping information.

PLEASE NOTE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CHOSE TO PAY BY PAY PAL at the beginning of this process :

If you clicked on "Checkout with Pay Pal" after adding your items to the cart instead of the regular "Checkout" button, Pay Pal will make you Sign In to Them, They Will ONLY show you the Regular Price at this time, Pay Pal will make you agree to the Regular Price and Shipping Information before reverting you back to our site to then enter in the coupon code, where pay pal will apply that code as well. Once you see the new price and Place Your Order, then Pay Pal will only charge you the discounted Price. Many customers sign into Pay Pal thinking "There is nowhere to enter in my code", just wait and Pay Pal will revert you back to the site to enter in your code. But for this reason it is easier to choose the Regular "Checkout" button in the start so you can apply your coupon code first before beinf forced to sign into Pay Pal first where they show you the regular price first.

Thank You and Enjoy your Coupons !

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Prodalin Professional 100% Pure Vegetarian Amygdalin Capsules Prodalin Pro300 Professional 100.0% Pure Amygdalin Capsules Secret B17 Colloidal Rhodium Professional 200ppm
Prodalin Professional Pro920+mg .9999% Pure Amygdalin Capsules Prodalin Pro300 Professional 100.0% Pure Amygdalin CapsulesSecret B17 32oz Rhodium Professional HV 200PPM

Prodalin Professional Pro920 is the world's greatest Vitamin B17 Product that cannot even be compared. Each Vegetarian Capsule contains over 920mg or Pure .9999% Amygdalin each. Each Jar contains 100 Vegetarian Capsules. Prodalin Pro920 ONLY...

Prodalin Pro300 Professional. Prodalin Pro300 consists of 100.0% Pure Organic Amygdalin in 300mg Vegetarian Capsules. Prodalin Pro300 provides 100 Organic Vegetarian Capsules per jar of Pure Amygdalin Content derived from Organic Bitter Apricot...

SECRET B17 : High Voltage Rhodium Professional 200ppm (32oz 946ml) (Other Sizes Available on our main storefront) ***Pre-order, If purchased will ship out Monday 9-7-2016*** * High Voltage - The Only High Voltage Supplier In the Entire World ! *...




Vitamin B17 Professional with 50% Amygdalin Apricot Kernels Seeds Vitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin High Voltage Underwater Plasma Arc ProGold 200ppm 32oz 946ml
Vitamin B17 Professional Pro950 20:1 50% Amygdalin 50% Hunza AprVitamin B17 Professional 6% Amygdalin 1000+mg VegetarianHigh Voltage Underwater Plasma Arc ProGold 200ppm 32oz 946ml

B17-20:1 50% Amygdalin Known as Amygdalin / Laetrile / Apricot Seed Extract B17 Professional 20:1 with 50% Amygdalin contains 100 Vegetarian Capsules 950+mg Each. Each capsule contains 475+mg of Pure .9999% Amygdalin (Pure White) and 475+mg of...

Vitamin B17 Professional with 6% Amygdalin 600mg Organic Bitter Apricot Seed Extract with added 6% Amygdalin Vitamin B17 Professional 6% is B17 (known as Amygdalin or Laetrile) at a strength 6% Amygdalin. Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract...

ProGold200 Professional 32oz (946ml) Benefits of High Voltage Plasma Arc Colloidal Gold May Include : *Anti-Inflammatory powers to alleviate pain and swelling amongst arthritis and bursitis *Provides Anti Aging *Highers IQ and Pineal Gland...




Cleopatra's Sicarius Professional The Inhibitor Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300mg
Cleopatra's Sicarius ProfessionalThe Inhibitor Bitter Apricot Kernel Seed Extract Pro300

Cleopatra's Sicarius Professional is a Potent Supplement containing 4 potent ingredients. More inforamtion regarding the ingredients at this time needs to be researched online by the customer for Cleopatra's Health Inc cannot supplie further...

Cleopatra's Health Inc introduces THE INHIBITOR. The Inhibitor includes 200 800mg Capsules containing four ingredients with 0% fillers, 0%preservatives, or 0% Additves, simply 4 Pure ingredients. Ingrdients : Phyllanthus Urinaria 10:1 (10 times...

Bitter Apricot Kernel Extract Pro300 B17 300mg Bitter Apricot Kernel Seed Extract Pro300 is Pure Bitter Apricot Kernel/Seed Extract in a New Small Size Capsule 300mg with 3-4% Amygdalin. Amygdalin is one of two main ingredients found in B17,...