Cleopatra's Interfector Professional
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Vitamin B17 Professional introduces Cleopatra's Lipid Interfector meaning "Lipid Eater". Interfector Professional contains 100% of  a Food Grade Preservative approved by the FDA called BHT. Each Jar contains 200 250mg capsules.

Since Bht (Interfector) is not a Natural Product, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has prohibited it's sale as a supplement however approving it's use in food as a preservative. Therefore Cleopatra's Health Inc sells Cleopatra's Interfector Professional as a food preservative in capsule form for easy dispensing. Interfector capsules can be added to Food or Oils to allow daily consumption of this product.

In saying this Interfector Professional is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, however it's intended purpose is as a food preservative.

So what is Interfector and what has it been used for and why would you want to use this product as a food preservative? The following information is for educational purposes only. Any such use other than a food preservative is not approved by the FDA nor sold by Cleopatra's Health Inc other than it's intended purpose.

However, consuming Interfector as a preservative in your food or oils has shown an incredible interference in Lipid Coated diseases such as Herpes Simplex and HIV as well as many others. Unlike other preservatives added to food such as Aspartame or Maltodextrin which have a bad name for health effects, BHT or Interfector do not give such bad health effects, however somewhat the opposite.

Interfector Professional when consumed as a preservative has shown to inhibit lipid coated viruses. Many articles and books have been written about BHT and it's health benefits in your diet. Many claims declaring it a dangerous ingredient are truly either unjustified or it's use was abused. For example, salt is fine to consume as well, however pouring a bottle of salt on your food can be dangerous to your health. The same effect is true with BHT, staying in the levels of approved amounts per servings has left users with little to no side effects at all besides many benefits.

***Consuming Interfector Professional in one's daily diet has shown many people who proved Positive on an Antibody test to then show Negative after continued use. Like Monolaurin --Intefector acts in the same way, and when used together, lipid coated viruses struggle to produce. Other studies have shown extreme effectiveness when also including hypericin in your diet. Hypericin's use with Interfector and/or Monolaurin has shown very strong inhibiting effects on lipid coated viruses. One of the Main ingredients in the product called "Cleopara's Sicarius Professional" contains 0.6% Hypericin which is double the strength of any other Hypericin product sold on the market today.

Users who reported Negative Antibody tests have also reported, not experiencing another outbreak 20years after there lab report which showed it's effectiveness against the lipid coated virus. These users testified ingesting between 250mg - 1000mg per day (starting slowly the first week), resulted in eruptions recovering fast with no recurrences again especially when taken with Hypericin or Monolaurin (coconut oil at it's best) . However these studies have not been evaluated by the FDA and have not been approved to date.

FDA recommends small amounts of Bht (Interfector) in food, and is already in your Cereal, potato flakes, baked goods, etc. However experiencing great effects of BHT against Lipid Coated Viruses is shown to consume between 250mg - 1000mg per day, which is not recommended by the FDA. Studies have shown users who do consume this much Interfector per day have shown little to no side effects however some users who have abused Bht who consume 3000mg or more may feel dizziness or sickness however no permanent results occur.

Bht should never be consumed with Alcohol, if pregnant, or with Flouride water in foods or oils.

Interfector Professional supplies you 200 capsules of 100% Food Grade Bht, each containing 250mg

Various applications for BHT are either in use or suggested by recent studies. These are

    increasing the bioavailability of Vitamin E
    treating herpeso dissolve.
    lowering the risk of blood clots for diabetics
    preventing liver cancer induced by certain carcinogens
    preventing atherosclerosis induction on arterial walls.


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Cleopatra's Interfector Professional

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