Cleopatra's Bentonite Capsule 120ct
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Cleopatra's Calcium Bentonite Capsules are the World's Absolute Best Internal Bentonite Capsules. The Contents of Each Capsule gives you The Purest Calcium Bentonite Clay -Therapeutic Grade milled to a 325 Mesh- simply the best. Each Container of Cleopatras Bentonite Capsules Contain 120 Size 00 Capsules. No other Bentonite Capsules can compare to the quality and quantity per bottle. Cleopatras Calcium Bentonite Capsules contain NO Fillers, No Additives, No Preservatives, simply 100% Calcium Bentonite Therapeutic Grade Clay. Simply take 4 of Cleopatras Bentonite Capsules 4x daily or for Extreme Detox take 6 capsules 4x daily with a glass of water. Water should be drank throughout the day to help the detoxification process. Using Cleopatra's Bentonite Capusles Internally while using Cleopatra's Benonite Clay Externally is the Optimum way to defeat a great may symptoms.


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Calcium Bentonite Capsules 120ct

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